Fundimi, , the first choice of all

This is Gjepali Agrotourism, the creation and property of the famous chef Fundim Gjepali. He is one of the most famous chefs of the moment, in Italy and Albania.

For several years, he has been running the restaurant “Antico Arco”, located in central Rome, Italy , while in Tirana he runs the “Butique Padam Restaurant”. The largest  mondaine dinners of the capital are organized under the care of Chef Fundimi.

He has cooked for the most important Albanian and foreign personalities, including ministers, prime ministers, presidents and foreign delegations visiting our country.

Padam is the primary choice of anyone visiting the capital. The first suggestion to all those who come to Tirana and ask where to go and enjoy qualitative food is “Padam” and chef Fundim.

Italy is the country of his professional growth and where he reached the pinnacle of success. He has participated in various trainings and seminars to further develop his inherited talent. He has received tens of  awards over these years, which hang on his “wall of success”.

For several years now, Gjepali has been part of programs that discover new talents in Albania, such as Master Chef Albania. He is frequently invited to major television programs as a culinary expert and master of taste. Those who visit Albania, are not willing to leave without tasting one of the recipes of Fundim Gjepali.