The experience and knowledge I received abroad can now be combined with the tradition of my ancestral land. Due to my a considerable experience as a chef in Rome (Antico Arco) and tens of awards around the world, I have the pleasure of running the Gjepali Agrotourism.

In 2018,  we received the Agrotourism certification and, thus, became one of the 14 businesses of this type in Albania. In a few months, Gjepali has turned into a destination of rural tourism. You are also welcome to visit and try the unique taste made in Albania.

About Us

We inform you that you are about to see a piece of heaven! This is a  spot planned thoroughly in order to be turned into a tourist destination for those who are fond of qualitative culinary and traveling. 

Gjepali Agrotourism encompasses the long history of 6 generations, in which the characteristic of hard working has been transmitted along the love for land and its goods. Our family has always been fond of the land. My ancestors have treated it with love, working hard on it and gathering the best it could offer. They have always regarded it as an asset which provided them the best of goods. 

The ’40-s marked the peak of production, when also grandfather Elez Gjepali managed to own considerable land surface. It had a wide area with orchard trees, the farm was also rich in livestock, such as cows and sheep and various poultry species.

Can you imagine that it used to be one of the largest and most famous farms in Central Albania. Subsequently, due to the course of history and the governing mode, the land was no longer ours and the farm disintegrated. After the ’90s, my Father, and my family, nurtured the desire to somehow rebuild that’ paradise ‘we once used to own. 

It was my father who, long years ago, quietly began to slowly plant trees and other agricultural cultural crops as well as to build stables for livestock raising. 

Three years ago, I decided to reconstruct the giant farm that it used to be, as an opportunity also for all those friends who are willing to spend a day differently and enjoy some of the best foods in the country.

Together with my family, we have worked intensively to build the Gjepali Agrotourism.